What is The Forest

The forest is a horror survival game where the player plays as a man who has crash landed on an island that is inhabited by cannibals. The main story starts off as you and your son on a plane which crashes on the island and your son is missing when you wake up.
The player has to gather resources to craft items as well as hunt/fight to survive while keeping an eye on hunger/thirst and sanity levels as days go by.

The game play is pretty easy to get the hang of and the crafting is simple. To craft items you just have to look at your journal and put down the blueprint of the things you want to build and it will tell you want to gather etc.

Food can be difficult depending where you go and if you want to eat the cannibals/ wildlife or want to challenge yourself by eating no meat.

The forest has to be one of the best co-op horror games around and definitely worth giving it a go if it's the type of games you are interested in.

I don't want to post too much to spoil the story etc, but I will leave you with a few screenshots of the game.

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