Ori and the blind forest

Ori and the blind forest is a visually beautiful, but frustrating game that explores a deeply emotional story about love and sacrifice, and the hope that exists in us all.
The story is based around an orphan who is destined to be a hero and save the forest and restore everything back to normal. 

Not matter how many times I've play it, I still can't help but get emotional and teary.

If you love platforming games, this is definitely worth playing as this game is platforming at it's best. It's easy to understand the controls and the puzzles can be a little challenging, but worth putting yourself through the torture of the platforming challenges for the amazing story, music and beautiful game overall.

You start off with a basic jump/attack but as you progress the game gets a little more challenging with platforming that requires you to have precise jumping.

You can set your own checkpoints in the game which can be very helpful for those who love to explore and find all the hidden secrets etc, which can be easily missed if you're just running straight towards the main goal objectives. The game also encourages you to explore and try and find the secrets as finding these could help unlock extra abilities which can help you further in the game (the game is still playable if you do miss a lot, it just makes it easier).

The only bad thing I can really say about this game is you can't choose to replay certain chapters/levels when you complete the game and want to go back and collect the bits you missed if you're one of those 100% completion people.

This is one of my top games that I would say is a must have in your game collection.
Just try not to go for the harder difficulty straight away as even just normal can be challenging to someone who's not expecting the crazy platforming that this game has to offer.

I don't want to post the ending or any spoilers for the game, but I will leave you with some screen shots.

Deep Madness by Diemension Games - A Lovecraftian Inspired Sci-fi Horror Board Game

Deep Madness is a sci-fi horror board game with lovecraftian inspired monsters by Diemension Games. I originally saw this advertised on Facebook as a kickstarter project in 2017, which I ended up backing up as I love playing co-op games that are similar to this (especially Mansions of Madness).

It is a game which you can play solo or up to 6 player co-op where you play as investigators who end up going to a empty and dark deep sea mining facility that has lost contact with it's main station. There are different scenarios that give you different goals to achieve and different amount of turns to complete the goal by before you are either overrun by horrific creatures from nightmares or gone completely insane from the things you've seen.

There are many aspects of the game that make it more interesting and intricate than your average family board game such as having to worry about you characters sanity, escape attributes, the characters unique abilities as well as the health. There are also different monsters that have different attributes you have to worry about such as their abilities, health, range, damage, how much madness they can cause to your investigator and more.

As well as all this, as the game goes on different rooms slowly become corrupted by the madness that is going on, spawning new/more monsters as well as different rooms being submerged with water that there is a risk of your character drowning after a certain amount of turns being in the submerged room.

During the game, your investigator will experience horrific encounters which are resolved by Madness Cards and Consciousness Cards. This brings in more elements into the game and makes it even more complicated/interesting to play. It's basically like playing some sort of RPG/Dungeons & Dragons game where you have to think of a lot of different aspects of the situation. Some of these encounters can/will lead to combat or tests that are resolved by rolling dice, one of the die that comes with the board game is a special 12 sided monster die which will decide some of the monsters’ special abilities.

On top of all this, there are also different items that your characters can use/wear/trade/find that can change the outcome of the game. These items can range from weapons (both range and melee), equipment and abilities that your investigator can use in certain situations.

I know reading this it may sound like a very difficult/complicated game. I haven't played it myself yet as I've been caught up with a lot of things since receiving this in the mail in 2018. However, I've played a few games that are as intricate as this and it is easy to pick up once you start actually playing it. 

 Deep Madness Core Box contains:  
1 Rulebook and 1 Storybook
30 Double-Sided Room Tiles
6 Investigator Figures
60 Monster Figures
46 Figure Bases
8 Scenario Boards
6 Investigator Dashboards
More than 250 Cards
More than 250 Punch Board Tokens
6 Drowning Dials
9 6-Sided Investigator Dice
And 1 12-Sided Monster Die

I have received this as well as KS exclusive investigators David and Pris and all unlocked stretch goals. I ended up with a huge delivery box with 2 large expansion boxes, an art book, the core game, some extra dice, a dice bag and a special celestial figure as a thank you for being patient and waiting as this was actually meant to be delivered in November 2017 (almost a year late, but was worth it)!

I will make a post on the blog when I do get around to actually playing it, but for now..... here are some photos I took while unboxing it all from the large delivery box.

Console Commands for The Forest Achievements

So, there was a post on this blog a while ago in regards to getting certain achievements on The Forest (click here to see post), however some of you may have a very hard time achieving these. However, the developers of the game have given users access to the command console of the game and even informed users on how to activate the console and use it in the game. 

In this post I will explain how to activate the console and how you can use to to get specific achievements in The Forest that can be very difficult to get without the help of the console.

How to use/activate the command console/developer console
Console commands allows you to change, add, remove things in the games you host without the use of mods. These are also known as cheats by some players. To activate this feature you will need to type developermodeon in the main menu. To check to see if the console has been activated, you can press F1 and a black box that allows you to type should appear at the top of the screen. You can press F1 through your game to be able to type in commands. You will need to activate this in the main menu before starting/loading your game.

Good Father achievement:
You can type the following into the console command to make the items spawn into your inventory. Once you have all these items, you can combine them all together to make the complete toy.

Broken Toy Head - additem 133,
Broken Toy Arms - additem 134,
Broken Toy Legs -additem 135,
Broken Toy Body - additem 136

Spelunker Achievement:
You do not need to go through the whole cave system if using the command console, you can teleport yourself to each exit/entrance of the cave for this achievement to trigger.

1.Dead cave - goto 87 85 654
2.Hanging cave - goto -174 54 1022
3.Wet cave - goto -895 61 -7
4.Hanging cave - goto -19 61 1224
5.Submerged cave - goto 598 69 940
6.Lawyers cave - goto 764 82 110
7.Chasm cave - goto 487 74 -635
8.Sinkhole cave - goto 487 74 -635
9.Ledge cave - goto 375 68 -170
10.Waterfall cave - goto 481 58 -82

Crafty achievement:
The Flintlock Gun parts to craft together.

Flintlock Gun Part 1 - additem 232,
Flintlock Gun Part 2 - additem 233,
Flintlock Gun Part 3 - additem 234,
Flintlock Gun Part 4 - additem 235,
Flintlock Gun Part 5 - additem 236,
Flintlock Gun Part 6 - additem 237,
Flintlock Gun Part 7 - additem 238,
Flintlock Gun Part 8 - additem 241

Bad Father Achievement:
1.Use commands "godmode on" or "survival off"
2.Type in gametimescale 10 - People who have stronger PC can use timescale 100 to speed up even more. Start with lower numbers then work your way up to see what you PC can handle.
3.Leave it to run until it reaches the 100 day mark. AFK is recommended.

Longest Wall Achievement:
You can place the blueprint of a custom wall from one side of the island to the other and then use the command "buildallghosts" to make the wall be instantly built.

Get Closure Achievement:
You can use the console command to find certain passengers you still need to find by using the "findpassenger [number of passenger]", if that does not work for you, you can teleport to the passenger location using the goto co-ordinates. The following passengers with passenger number and coordinates are as follows:

1. ALBERT S, Seat 8C - goto 835 15 871
2. ACTON K, Seat 1A, goto -375 -83 885
3. BARNES L, Seat 7B - goto 844, 16, 854
4. BARCLAY W, 6C - goto 1053, -90, 333
5. BELL T, Seat 11E - goto 177, -88, -849
6. BELL P, Seat 8D - goto 1053, -90, 333
7. BEST M, Seat 11D - goto 177, -88, -849
8. BONDI S, Seat 4C - goto -732, 133, 1185
9. BORIS C, Seat 11C - goto -694, 138
10. BOLL J, Seat 5B - goto 482, 62, -679
11. BRUZEK S, Seat1B - goto 138, 82, 681
12. CARPENTER P, Seat 7C - goto -589, -31, 52
13. CLEVLAND R, Seat 1C - goto 138, 82, 681
14. ELLIOT V, Seat 7D   goto 1044, -97, 360
15. ETHERINGTON S, Seat 8B - goto -202, -87, -217
16. FOX D, Seat 5C - goto -21, 75 649
17. FRASER E, Seat 4A - goto 835 15 871
18. GALAZ N, Seat 6D - goto 1044, -97, 360
19. GALBRAITH M, Seat 11B - goto -677, 134, 1189
20. GOETZ J, Seat 8A - goto -375, -83, 885
21. HAMILTON F, Seat 11A - goto 177, -88, -849
22. HAMILTON G, Seat 5D - goto -714, 137, 1150
23. HAZEL J, Seat 4B - goto 482, 62, -679
24. HELIKOVA K, Seat1D - goto 149, 82, 646
25. HIGASHI K, Seat 4D - goto -258, 67, 582
26. HIGASHI M, Seat10D - goto -694, 138, 1160
27. HOWALD A, Seat 5A - goto -792, 33, -2
28. LAI C, Seat 2D - goto 699, -188, 245
29. LANDSBERG A, Seat10C - goto -726, 135, 1139
30. LEE K, Seat 2C - goto 698, -187, 267
31. MCLACHLAN C, Seat 7A - goto 835, 15, 871
32. MECCA T, Seat10B - goto -702, 138, 1124
33. MARTIN H, Seat 9A - goto -84, -116, -212
34. PRESTON A,Seat 10A - goto 113, -80, -954
35. PORTER T, Seat 2A - goto 175, 84, 628
36. RITZ B, Seat 9B - goto -688, 106, 1113
37. SCHEIBER V, Seat 9C- goto -688, 106, 1113
38. SCOBIE J, Seat 3D - goto -258, 67, 582
39. STEWART S, Seat 2B - goto -355, -15, 666
40. UI R, Seat 3A - goto -375, -83, 885
41. VANDUSEN J, Seat 3B - goto -375, -83, 885
42. ZARLS F, Seat 3C - goto 482, 62, -679
43. ZUMKLEY B, Seat 9D- goto -792, 33, -2

I hope this was helpful to you and you manage to get that 100% achievement completion you're after!

The Forest - Achievements, hints & tips.

****WARNING - This Post contains Spoilers****

The Forest has a total of 45 achievements, which you will need to do more than one play through to get them all. Some you will get from just playing/completing the game, but others you will have to look out for or focus on to get them. You can also get most of these achievements playing in co-op.
You can click this image to make it bigger.

There is a quicker/easier way to unlock some of these achievements by using what's called a command console. Some people would consider using the console/commands as cheating, but if you wish to use the console/commands I will be putting them in this guide on how/when you could use them for the achievements. Don't worry if you do not wish to see these as they will be blacked out and the only way to see the text, you will need to highlight the section.

How To Get These Achievements
Minor Cannibalism - This one is pretty self explanatory and easy to achieve. You will need to kill a cannibal that attacks you and chop off their limbs (arms legs head). You can then cook the arms and legs on a campfire, or hang them on a drying rack. Once they are ready to be consumed, you can eat it.
Major Cannibalism - Repeat the same thing you did for the minor cannibalism, but you will need to eat limbs of 6 different cannibals in total. This works out to be about 24 limbs in total, but you'll eventually get this achievements over a couple of in game days.
Be Nice - When you first enter the game after the plane crash cutscene, gather all the items you can grab. One of these items will be a metal tray, which you can use to trade with others. Go into your backpack in the game and place the tray and an item of food/drink and combine them together. Once they are combined you can hold the tray out for a friend to take the item. This should trigger the achievement.
Be Extremely Nice - The same way you gave a food/drink item to a friend, only you give them a weapon.
Good Father - This achievement you will need to find all 6 parts to a robot toy and combine them all together. You can find all the parts scattered around the map in/around caves. Here are the locations:
  1. Toy Body - You will find the body in water at the entrance of cave 1
  2. Toy Head - You will find this on a table covered in blood with some bodies hanging around it in cave 2.
  3. Toy Arm - You should see some wooden planks in cave 7 with some crosses on them. You will need to smash through these planks and you will find the toy arm at the end of the walk.
  4. Toy Arm (the other one) - You should find this one near the rope entrance of cave 3
  5. Toy Leg - You should be able to find this in cave 5.
  6. Toy Leg (the other one) - This last part will be located near the exit to the sinkhole in cave 7.

Crafty - Craft every item in the game (26 items in total). This one can be a little time consuming as you will need to gather lots of different items as well as do some hunting to get some of the pelts/fur of the animals in the surroundings. Here is a list of the items to craft (in no particular order):
  1. Weak Spear - 2 Stick
  2. Upgraded Spear - 1 Weak Spear + 3 Bones + 2 Cloth
  3. Upgraded Stick - 1 Stick + 1 Cloth 
  4. Upgraded Rock - 1 Rock + 1 Cloth
  5. Crafted Axe - 1 Stick + 1 Rock + 1 Rope
  6. Crafted Bow - 1 Stick + 1 Cloth + 1 Rope
  7. Arrows - 1 Stick + 5 Feathers (You get 5 arrows when crafting this)
  8. Crafted Club - 1 Stick + 1 Skull
  9. Molotov - 1 Cloth + 1 Booze
  10. Bomb - 1 Booze + 1 Сoin + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Wrist Watch + 1 Electrical Tape
  11. Head Bomb - 1 Head + 1 Bomb
  12. Rope - 7 Cloth
  13. Water Skin - 1 Rope + 2 Deer Skin
  14. Berry Pouch - 2 Rabbit Fur
  15. Bone Armor - 6 Bones + 3 Cloth
  16. Stealth Armor - 1 Lizard Skin + 15 Leaves
  17. Rabbit Fur Boots - 3 Rabbit Fur + 2 Rope
  18. Snowshoes - 5 Stick + 2 Rope
  19. Energy Mix - 1 Chicory + 1 Coneflower
  20. Energy Mix + - 1 Chicory + 1 Coneflower + 1 Aloe
  21. Herbal Medicine - 1 Aloe + 1 Marigold
  22. Herbal Medicine + - 1 Aloe + 1 Marigold + 1 Coneflower
  23. Blue Paint - 2 Blueberries + 1 Tree Sap
  24. Orange Paint - 2 Marigold + 1 Tree Sap
  25. Timmy's Toy -You will get this doing the "Good Father" achievement.
  26. Flintlock Pistol - You will need to find 8 parts of the pistol to craft the completed pistol. You can find these parts under rock mounds which need explosives to break.  
Bad Father - This achievement will pop up if you've survived for 100 days without finding Timmy. This cannot be achieved using multiple saves, it has to be done on one.

Trophy Hunter - To get this achievement, you will need to display heads of every animal on a wall. I am not sure if this works in multiplayer or not.
Green Thumb - There are 3 different plants you can grow in the game to get this achievement. You will need to craft a garden and plant the following seeds: Aloe, Coneflower and Blueberry. You should get the achievement once these 3 plants have grown.
Vegan - You can get this achievement but not killing/eating any animals in a game. This achievement will pop up if you have not eaten or killed any animals, find Timmy and end the game. You can survive on berries, snack bars and mushrooms (The Jack-O'-Lantern and Red Amanita mushrooms are toxic. Don't eat these). You can achieve this in both solo or multiplayer. 
Naturopath - This achievement will pop up when you've created 10 medicine items. These are crafted with aloe and marigold.
Spelunker - You will need to explore all the caves in the game to get this achievement.There are 10 caves in total.
First Responder - To get this achievement, you just need to revive a downed friend in a multiplayer game.
Medic - This achievement will pop up when you've revived friends 10 times in total during a multiplayer game.
You should be looking for Timmy - All you need to do for this achievement is build a Gazebo in the game.
Boy Scout - This achievement will pop up when you use a compass in the game. You can find a compass on a dead body in cave 2.
Camp Out- This is achieved in a multiplayer game. All players need to go to sleep for this achievement to pop up.
Splatter- Once you knock over an enemy and they are on the ground, you will need to kill them with a rock.
Longest Wall - You can get this achievement by building a wall from one side of the island to the other.
Choppy Chop - You just need to chop the limbs off 50 cannibals.
Unseen - You can craft stealth armor with 1 Lizard Skin + 15 Leaves. The achievement should trigger once you've put the stealth armor on.
Commercial Fisherman - This achievement will pop up when you kill 6 or more fish with a stick of dynamite. This can be done in a solo or multiplayer game.
Survive The Forest - Once you complete the game, this achievement will pop up.
Daily Grind - When playing the main story, you will end up at a laboratory, there is a cafeteria that has coffee machines. Just drink some coffee from one of the machines and the achievement should pop up.
Gross! - Once you've killed the main boss, you should have access to the the end of the Sahara Laboratory. In one of the offices in this section will be a water dispenser with a head in it. You will just need to drink from this dispenser.
Serial Killer - This one is self explanatory, you just need to kill 100 cannibals in a single player game.
Make It Rain - In the cafeteria, you should be able to see sprinklers on the ceiling. You will just need to shoot one of these with a fire arrow.
Get Closure - For this achievement, you will need to find all passengers from the plane that crashed. You will probably have picked up the manifest from the back of the plane at the beginning of the game. This manifest are all the passengers you will need to find. You can find them at the following locations:

Big Spender - There are vending machines in the cafeteria of the laboratory. You will need to have some money and then interact with the machines. Interact with both machines to get this achievement to pop up.
Bite me! - You will need to kill a shark to get this achievement. I found the easiest way is to shoot the shark by the Yacht with the Pistol.
Monster - Another self explanatory achievement. Just kill a rabbit. This can be done in a solo game or a multiplayer game.
Gabe Fan - You will need to collect all 5 cassette in the game for this achievement.You can find them at the following locations:

  • The Slaps – No Conscience - you should find this at the very end of cave 4
  • Wolf on Fire – The Haunting - Next to the large lake is a grave. This is where you should find this cassette.
  • Fatal Request – Stronghold - You can find this on the Yacht.
  • Rick Gold – Strength, Ability and Wisdom - You should be able to find this cassette near the sinkhole entrance in cave 1.
  • Frankie Millionaire – Do It - This is located in cave 6, near the boat.

You are a fun guy - You will need to eat 6 types of mushrooms for this achievement. There are two toxic mushrooms, so make sure you have some healing stuff handy for when you eat those ones. The mushrooms are:

  • Brown Deer Shield mushrooms
  • Brown Puff Mushrooms
  • Tiny Liberty Cap mushrooms
  • Wrinkled Yellow chanterelle mushrooms
  • The Jack-O'-Lantern mushrooms***Toxic***
  • Red Amanita muscaria mushrooms ***Toxic***

First Night Survive one night in game.
Survivalist - Survive 5 nights in game.
Birdseye - Kill a bird with an arrow.
Step Master - You will first need to get pedometer, which is on a dead tennis player deep in cave 7. Once you have this, you will need to do 50,000 steps WITHOUT dying. If you die, the steps will restart once you recover your dropped items.
Demolition Man - You will just need to throw 20 bombs, which you can craft with  1 Booze + 1 Сoin + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Wrist Watch + 1 Electrical Tape.
Handyman - You can repair a damaged shelter using a repair hammer and some sap.
Climate Change - Cut down 100 trees. This is easier to achieve with a chainsaw.
Don't Save The Forest - Cut down 1000 trees. This is easier to achieve with a chainsaw.
Pacifist - Don't kill any cannibals for 10 days in a row in a single player game.
Demolition Expert - Knock down 6 or more trees with 1 explosive. Alone in Single Player or together in Multiplayer.
Fisherman - Catch fish with a trap. Alone in Single Player or together in Multiplayer. You do this by placing an animal trap into water with fish and using 31 sticks to build it. A fish will get trapped eventually and the achievement will pop up.