Who is Lottie?


This is my first time writing in a blog so forgive me if I tend to ramble.

A bit about my past:

My name is Lottie and I was born in Montana but I grew up in Kansas and lived there for about 12 years. I remember the day I saw the new house we'd be living in when I was 4 years old and the day everything changed in my life after I turned 16.

For a while, life was pretty swell. I had tons of friends and I clicked with a few groups in high school but it was mostly the geeks, artists, and weirdies that I hung with. I'd like to say I was very well loved in school. Up until I wasn't, that is. Or at least I thought. I'm sure it was mostly my anxieties that led me into a downward spiral but there are always those people in our lives that we point fingers at and blame in the back of our minds.

Although things have been tough, I've learned over the years to just forgive and move on. You've probably heard something like that before. Forgive and forget. Not necessarily for the person that wronged you but for yourself specifically. 

Now to the things that bring me joy. Enough of that serious talk!

* I like to collect things! *
I have a few collections of bones and skulls. Might be a little creepy to some people but I've always been fascinated! I also tend to keep roses and let them wilt and dry. I may hang them or just keep them on my shelf. I have a nice collection of glass bottles as well. I started collecting those because the bottles remind me of Alice in Wonderland. I also collect old antique books and books that look magical to my eye as well as a slew of incense. I tend to surround my space with these things!

* My hobbies! *
Obviously, first and foremost I love to play video games! I also love to go on walks and enjoy the outdoors. I love to write as well! I haven't written much lately, though. I think I may try poem writing again! Something you may see on the blog at some point! I really enjoy drawing even though I'm not that good. I want to try drawing digitally on a tablet at some point. We'll see how that goes.

*My cats!*
Yes, my cats. I have much love for these fluffy miracles. I will most likely have a post introducing them down the road so don't you worry!

I think that may be all for now. If I have more to say later, well that's just something more to look forward to!