Who Is Jen?

Hey Geeks!

So you've probably stumbled on this post because you want to know more about me?
Well..... Where to start.....

My name is Jen and I was born in the 80s and was raised in the UK around the London area. My mother is from Malaysia, hence why I have a slight Asian appearance and my dad is from the UK also. 

I consider myself as an average person, nothing special. I grew up playing PC games from the age of 8 and don't really have much to really say about my childhood that is really worth sharing.
I was bullied by some, but also had great friends. Had my ups and downs like a normal teenager and came out the other side with a few Cs and a B from studies and started working from the age of 19.

I don't want to bore you into too much detail as there really isn't anything exciting to say in regards to my work life. I dabbled in retail, guest services, postal services, accounting to the point I'm now just a part time office manager of a really nice small team. I sometimes stream on Twitch after work or on weekend as I enjoy the interaction with the chat and I actually get bored of some games on my own now, so streaming a game for company helps me enjoy the game more than I would playing solo.

In regards to my hobbies and things I like. It's a pretty small/simple list.

I love playing games, mainly first person shooters with zombies over anything else.
I love to swim that I try to go swimming twice a week at the local gym.
I love horror films that I even watch them on my own once in a while if I have to.
I enjoy a good hot drink in the evenings, like a chamomile tea or a hot chocolate while watching a movie.
I love cuddles and would prefer a night in with a movie and cuddles over going out getting drunk out in a nightclub.

Last but not least about this post about me... some strange facts about me... well.. some of the people I've shared this with have said these are strange, but I'm sure there are many of you geeks online who probably think this is not strange or common or even normal by your standards. So... here we go...

I have an issue with my nose... As in I can't smell certain smells like gas. I can smell sweet smells like Vanilla, but can't well certain stenches that make people sick. I didn't know about this until a sewage pipe broke at one of my old work places. People were being sent home being sick and I didn't smell anything and was happily sitting at my desk eating my sandwich. There are times I can smell something for a few seconds and then it disappears.

I have wide-ish feet. As in my toes are not close together touching that it used to creep my mother out 😂 I mean there's nothing really wrong with my feet apart from gaps between my toes instead of them being close together like a normal person.

I can't really think of any other strange facts to share right now. So.. I guess that's all there really is to say for now. 

(Apologies for any typos/grammar problems. It's something I need to work on!)

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