What is Steam?

So...as many of you probably know if you read my intro, I'm a gamer. But one specific type of gamer. A PC gamer. I play games on the PC only because it's the platform I feel most comfortable playing on. I grew up with PCs since I was 7 maybe 8 years old and never really had a console till I was in my late teens (but rarely played it, just the odd time splitters 2 with friends when they came to visit or the odd platformer that feels better with controller than on the PC like Spyro or Crash Bandicoot).

But just like consoles, there are also multiple platforms on the PC to play on, like Battle.net, Origin, U-play, Epic Store and steam. 

In this post, I'm going to talk to you about the platform Steam. So.... What is steam?

Steam is a program (or launcher as some people call it) on the PC that came out around 2003 where you can buy games digitally to save into your game library. You can then download and play the games from you library from pretty much anywhere. Most games you can play offline once its downloaded and the best thing of all. The game is pretty much in your library forever (unless something really wrong happens and the game has to be removed because it's breaking some sort of law). There is also a chance to be able to refund the game if you don't like the game, but it has to be less than an hour and half played and bought within a certain time period.

Steam was created by Valve the same people who made the Half life series and I've been using the program for about 11 years now. It's a great platform to get games to play (there are always sales on steam) and a good communication platform too in regards to making new friends, joining groups with the same interest and even watching people live streaming and chatting to new people.

If you're ever interested in playing games on PC, steam is a must have program! Maybe we can even game together sometime!

Until the next post, take care geeks!

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