What is a Limited Series??

I have recently been seeing a lot of "limited series" being advertised about on Netflix and other streaming sites. One of these series is called Maniac.

Maniac stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill which according to IMDb it has a rating of 8.3 out of 10. It is a dark comedy and looking at the trailer it looks rather interesting. 

This will probably something I will watch later where I can put my full attention to (and may even post on the blog about it also.). 

It made me think, "What is a limited series?". So... I googled it.

According to Wikipedia...

Limited series may refer to:
• Individual story lines within an anthology series are often called limited series
• Limited series (comics), a comics series with a predetermined number of issues
• A particular run of collectibles, usually individually numbered

• The Limited Series (1998 album), a box set by Garth Brooks
• The Limited Series (2005 album), an unrelated box set by Garth Brooks
• A television show with a predetermined number of episodes telling a complete story arc, usually longer than a miniseries

So basically, it's a TV series with a certain number of episodes that has a closed ending. According to Prime time Emmy Awards a limited series consists of two or more episodes with a total running time of at least 150 minutes. The program must tell a complete, non-recurring story, and not have an ongoing story line or main characters in subsequent season.

Some limited series (also known as mini-series) are as follows:
• The Honorable Woman
• The Pacific
• Dead Set
• Roots
• The Looming Tower
• Band of Brothers
If any of you geeks have watched any of these, let us know in comments below if we should watch them (but please.... no spoilers!)

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