Steam Levels - Are they worth it? last post was about the program Steam on the PC, on this post I'm going to go into a little more depth in regards to one aspect of Steam. 

Steam Levels

So... what are steam levels? Steam levels are basically numbers that are displayed beside people's usernames on their profile. They are gained by users creating badges from cards which they collect from playing games or doing events. Users can also trade cards or give cards to others. 

The more badges someone has the higher the level their account is.

The main question is.... are they worth it??

Honestly, you don't gain anything from levels. You can sink a lot of money buying cards just to display a higher number next to your name. So, unless you have spare money to waste, they aren't really worth bothering with. I keep trying to tell myself this exact thing, but I'm one of those types who wants to get all the achievements... so... I want to get all the cards to get all the badges I can.

Maybe one day I will have them all..

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