Ori and the blind forest

Ori and the blind forest is a visually beautiful, but frustrating game that explores a deeply emotional story about love and sacrifice, and the hope that exists in us all.
The story is based around an orphan who is destined to be a hero and save the forest and restore everything back to normal. 

Not matter how many times I've play it, I still can't help but get emotional and teary.

If you love platforming games, this is definitely worth playing as this game is platforming at it's best. It's easy to understand the controls and the puzzles can be a little challenging, but worth putting yourself through the torture of the platforming challenges for the amazing story, music and beautiful game overall.

You start off with a basic jump/attack but as you progress the game gets a little more challenging with platforming that requires you to have precise jumping.

You can set your own checkpoints in the game which can be very helpful for those who love to explore and find all the hidden secrets etc, which can be easily missed if you're just running straight towards the main goal objectives. The game also encourages you to explore and try and find the secrets as finding these could help unlock extra abilities which can help you further in the game (the game is still playable if you do miss a lot, it just makes it easier).

The only bad thing I can really say about this game is you can't choose to replay certain chapters/levels when you complete the game and want to go back and collect the bits you missed if you're one of those 100% completion people.

This is one of my top games that I would say is a must have in your game collection.
Just try not to go for the harder difficulty straight away as even just normal can be challenging to someone who's not expecting the crazy platforming that this game has to offer.

I don't want to post the ending or any spoilers for the game, but I will leave you with some screen shots.

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