Mr Vampire Movie

I first discovered Mr.Vampire when I was around 7 years old, maybe a 1-2 years older than that. All I remember was that I was really young around the time I had first watched this movie. When I was younger my parents let me watch many horror movies, even adult rated movies like Species when I was around 9 years old (which freaked me the feck out with the baby at the end 😂 ) I loved the movie so much that I had to watch if a few more times after seeing it. Even to this day I still enjoy the movie and would always recommend it to people who have never heard of the movie.

Mr.Vampire is not your traditional horror movie that you get in the industry today. It involves more humor than the horror element and does jump around a little from a walking corpse (vampire) to a ghost, then back to a vampire again. Sometimes these sort of things annoy people or make people complain that there is no story to the movie because of the jumping, but I find that it keeps the movie entertaining and makes the movie more enjoyable than if they just stuck to all the attention on the walking corpse.

I also love how the movie sticks to the traditional Chinese folklore on vampires than the americanized vampire tales. For example, a walking corpse can not sense you if you do not breathe. So if you're ever being chased by one, hold your breath till they have gone.

This movie deserves a lot more credit than it gets and I would most definitely recommend you watch this when you ever get the chance to.

This is all I'm going to post for now on this subject, I don't want to end up telling the whole story of the movie and spoiling it for you. 

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