Fluffy Miracles!

Introducing my sweet kitties!

❤ Finnegan Osborne (Left) is my sweet boy! ❤

Finnegan is the first cat my partner and I adopted together. We picked him out at a cat sanctuary that also cares for new kitten litters. He is literally the softest cat I have ever touched in my life. His fur is so fine and thick. He honestly feels like a rabbit. When he was a little guy, I'd hold him at my desk like a baby and he would close his eyes and stick his back feet straight up into the air. It was almost too adorable to even handle. 😻

He's a very peculiar cat. He prefers to be held in a room with no people (not even Sushi usually) and in the bathroom specifically. The bathroom is his favorite room in the house. If you can't find him, he's probably in the bathtub.😹 He loves hanging out with you when you're doing business on the toilet.

Finn is way more talkative than Sushi. He talks all the time, talks back to you, and tells you how it is. He cries to me all the time to stand by him while he eats. If I walk away from him, he'll stop eating and follow me and cry until I walk back to accompany the poor guy. I wish I could understand what he's saying in kitty language cause sometimes that's not what he wants!

There was a time when he was younger, Finn wasn't responding to us calling his name. We looked for him everywhere. Under the couch, in the bathroom, in the cabinets. We just couldn't find the guy. So we did the last possible thing that couldn't possibly fail. We took both cats' treat bowls and clinked them together. Nothing. We were so afraid he had run outside and gotten lost. Frustration kicked in and by accident, my partner had chipped a good chunk off one of the bowls. 🙀 Finn finally showed up out of nowhere and walked over to us with a very sleepy squinty face. We both looked at each other with fear still stuck on our faces. Poor Finn had no idea how freaked out we were. 😹

❤ Sushi (Right) is my baby girl ❤

I call her my therapy cat.

 Around 5 years ago, I saw this very pregnant cat walking around my apartment complex. I saw her being tossed around by the kids that live here. She didn't really complain but I didn't prefer her to live in the streets while randomly having her tail yanked on by children. 😿 I told my parents at the time and they said if I can bring her inside, she would be mine. So I walked down the stairs barefoot and strolled on over to her in the courtyard area, picked her up with no problem, and brought her inside and into my bedroom.

Not too long after, she gave birth to 6 kittens! Unfortunately, the last baby didn't make it as it wasn't fully formed. 😿 Sushi had come just before that one. She was very small and very weak. I had to help her feed because the poor thing wasn't strong like her siblings and couldn't push her way to get a spot on mother! I would find her crying and suckling on the carpet so I'd always rearrange the babies so she could have a spot too. I loved having them all.

The kittens were growing up to be very healthy, very chunky little babies. Sushi was still very much the smallest but she was also very healthy. We were starting to feed them real food! One day when the front door was open, momma cat bolted outside. It took me by surprise.. especially when she never returned. Thankfully, the kittens didn't need to survive off her milk anymore. It was still very sad. Not too long after that, I started finding homes for Sushi's siblings. When I decided on her name, I was so excited because it fit her so perfectly! I'm very thankful for her mother. 😽 I would have never gotten my sweet baby if it wasn't for her.

Sushi and I have a very strong bond. I carry her around the apartment with me everywhere sometimes. We have routines together and she knows when I go to bed, she goes to bed. We sleep together and she sits next to me every day. When I'm sad or crying, she comes to me and lets me cry into her and licks my tears up (mmm salty). If I'm not in the room with her suddenly, she cries very loudly until I come to her or call her. She always comes running, looking so concerned! 🙀

Thank you for reading!


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