Deep Madness by Diemension Games - A Lovecraftian Inspired Sci-fi Horror Board Game

Deep Madness is a sci-fi horror board game with lovecraftian inspired monsters by Diemension Games. I originally saw this advertised on Facebook as a kickstarter project in 2017, which I ended up backing up as I love playing co-op games that are similar to this (especially Mansions of Madness).

It is a game which you can play solo or up to 6 player co-op where you play as investigators who end up going to a empty and dark deep sea mining facility that has lost contact with it's main station. There are different scenarios that give you different goals to achieve and different amount of turns to complete the goal by before you are either overrun by horrific creatures from nightmares or gone completely insane from the things you've seen.

There are many aspects of the game that make it more interesting and intricate than your average family board game such as having to worry about you characters sanity, escape attributes, the characters unique abilities as well as the health. There are also different monsters that have different attributes you have to worry about such as their abilities, health, range, damage, how much madness they can cause to your investigator and more.

As well as all this, as the game goes on different rooms slowly become corrupted by the madness that is going on, spawning new/more monsters as well as different rooms being submerged with water that there is a risk of your character drowning after a certain amount of turns being in the submerged room.

During the game, your investigator will experience horrific encounters which are resolved by Madness Cards and Consciousness Cards. This brings in more elements into the game and makes it even more complicated/interesting to play. It's basically like playing some sort of RPG/Dungeons & Dragons game where you have to think of a lot of different aspects of the situation. Some of these encounters can/will lead to combat or tests that are resolved by rolling dice, one of the die that comes with the board game is a special 12 sided monster die which will decide some of the monsters’ special abilities.

On top of all this, there are also different items that your characters can use/wear/trade/find that can change the outcome of the game. These items can range from weapons (both range and melee), equipment and abilities that your investigator can use in certain situations.

I know reading this it may sound like a very difficult/complicated game. I haven't played it myself yet as I've been caught up with a lot of things since receiving this in the mail in 2018. However, I've played a few games that are as intricate as this and it is easy to pick up once you start actually playing it. 

 Deep Madness Core Box contains:  
1 Rulebook and 1 Storybook
30 Double-Sided Room Tiles
6 Investigator Figures
60 Monster Figures
46 Figure Bases
8 Scenario Boards
6 Investigator Dashboards
More than 250 Cards
More than 250 Punch Board Tokens
6 Drowning Dials
9 6-Sided Investigator Dice
And 1 12-Sided Monster Die

I have received this as well as KS exclusive investigators David and Pris and all unlocked stretch goals. I ended up with a huge delivery box with 2 large expansion boxes, an art book, the core game, some extra dice, a dice bag and a special celestial figure as a thank you for being patient and waiting as this was actually meant to be delivered in November 2017 (almost a year late, but was worth it)!

I will make a post on the blog when I do get around to actually playing it, but for now..... here are some photos I took while unboxing it all from the large delivery box.

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