Fluffy Miracles!

Introducing my sweet kitties!

❤ Finnegan Osborne (Left) is my sweet boy! ❤

Finnegan is the first cat my partner and I adopted together. We picked him out at a cat sanctuary that also cares for new kitten litters. He is literally the softest cat I have ever touched in my life. His fur is so fine and thick. He honestly feels like a rabbit. When he was a little guy, I'd hold him at my desk like a baby and he would close his eyes and stick his back feet straight up into the air. It was almost too adorable to even handle. 😻

He's a very peculiar cat. He prefers to be held in a room with no people (not even Sushi usually) and in the bathroom specifically. The bathroom is his favorite room in the house. If you can't find him, he's probably in the bathtub.😹 He loves hanging out with you when you're doing business on the toilet.

Finn is way more talkative than Sushi. He talks all the time, talks back to you, and tells you how it is. He cries to me all the time to stand by him while he eats. If I walk away from him, he'll stop eating and follow me and cry until I walk back to accompany the poor guy. I wish I could understand what he's saying in kitty language cause sometimes that's not what he wants!

There was a time when he was younger, Finn wasn't responding to us calling his name. We looked for him everywhere. Under the couch, in the bathroom, in the cabinets. We just couldn't find the guy. So we did the last possible thing that couldn't possibly fail. We took both cats' treat bowls and clinked them together. Nothing. We were so afraid he had run outside and gotten lost. Frustration kicked in and by accident, my partner had chipped a good chunk off one of the bowls. 🙀 Finn finally showed up out of nowhere and walked over to us with a very sleepy squinty face. We both looked at each other with fear still stuck on our faces. Poor Finn had no idea how freaked out we were. 😹

❤ Sushi (Right) is my baby girl ❤

I call her my therapy cat.

 Around 5 years ago, I saw this very pregnant cat walking around my apartment complex. I saw her being tossed around by the kids that live here. She didn't really complain but I didn't prefer her to live in the streets while randomly having her tail yanked on by children. 😿 I told my parents at the time and they said if I can bring her inside, she would be mine. So I walked down the stairs barefoot and strolled on over to her in the courtyard area, picked her up with no problem, and brought her inside and into my bedroom.

Not too long after, she gave birth to 6 kittens! Unfortunately, the last baby didn't make it as it wasn't fully formed. 😿 Sushi had come just before that one. She was very small and very weak. I had to help her feed because the poor thing wasn't strong like her siblings and couldn't push her way to get a spot on mother! I would find her crying and suckling on the carpet so I'd always rearrange the babies so she could have a spot too. I loved having them all.

The kittens were growing up to be very healthy, very chunky little babies. Sushi was still very much the smallest but she was also very healthy. We were starting to feed them real food! One day when the front door was open, momma cat bolted outside. It took me by surprise.. especially when she never returned. Thankfully, the kittens didn't need to survive off her milk anymore. It was still very sad. Not too long after that, I started finding homes for Sushi's siblings. When I decided on her name, I was so excited because it fit her so perfectly! I'm very thankful for her mother. 😽 I would have never gotten my sweet baby if it wasn't for her.

Sushi and I have a very strong bond. I carry her around the apartment with me everywhere sometimes. We have routines together and she knows when I go to bed, she goes to bed. We sleep together and she sits next to me every day. When I'm sad or crying, she comes to me and lets me cry into her and licks my tears up (mmm salty). If I'm not in the room with her suddenly, she cries very loudly until I come to her or call her. She always comes running, looking so concerned! 🙀

Thank you for reading!

Mr Vampire Movie

I first discovered Mr.Vampire when I was around 7 years old, maybe a 1-2 years older than that. All I remember was that I was really young around the time I had first watched this movie. When I was younger my parents let me watch many horror movies, even adult rated movies like Species when I was around 9 years old (which freaked me the feck out with the baby at the end 😂 ) I loved the movie so much that I had to watch if a few more times after seeing it. Even to this day I still enjoy the movie and would always recommend it to people who have never heard of the movie.

Mr.Vampire is not your traditional horror movie that you get in the industry today. It involves more humor than the horror element and does jump around a little from a walking corpse (vampire) to a ghost, then back to a vampire again. Sometimes these sort of things annoy people or make people complain that there is no story to the movie because of the jumping, but I find that it keeps the movie entertaining and makes the movie more enjoyable than if they just stuck to all the attention on the walking corpse.

I also love how the movie sticks to the traditional Chinese folklore on vampires than the americanized vampire tales. For example, a walking corpse can not sense you if you do not breathe. So if you're ever being chased by one, hold your breath till they have gone.

This movie deserves a lot more credit than it gets and I would most definitely recommend you watch this when you ever get the chance to.

This is all I'm going to post for now on this subject, I don't want to end up telling the whole story of the movie and spoiling it for you. 


Reus is a very addictive indie game that can be quite challenging as well as relaxing at the same time. The graphics are nice and simple and pleasant to look at. And the play of the game is rather simple and different to the games I usually play.

You are a god (I guess), who control these giants. Ocean, Mountain/Dessert, Swamp and Forest. You use each of these giants to shape the world and help villages expand and develop, but they can become greedy as well as attack each other so you have to watch them and use the giants to punish them if they get out of hand.

The achievements are rather challenging to get, but that just makes the game more interesting and harder than a simple create game.

You can find the game on steam at: https://store.steampowered.com/app/222730/Reus/

I'm going to leave you with a few screenshots of the game.

The Flame in the Flood

I wanted to post about a game called "The Flame in the Flood" for a while now.
 So here goes...🙈

It's artistically beautiful with an art style that's unique, making it look almost as if it's origami.😍

The game play is pretty simple and the controls are very easy to get used to. The story of the game is that there has been a huge flood and you are looking for a safe place to go. A dog with a rescue backpack has found you and helping you survive by barking at things that can be either useful or dangerous to you.

Throughout the game you have to keep an eye on your health, hunger, thirst, temperature and energy, pretty much like most survival games nowadays. Sounds like a lot but it's actually not that difficult once you start playing and get used to when you need to worry about each of the stats.

I'm not going to ruin it for you and tell you the ending or what happens through out the game. But I am going to give you some helpful tips that may help you if you decide to play the game 😊

1. Afflictions - There are multiple afflictions you can get in the game and knowing how you get them and how to cure them makes the game a littler easier for you to survive. 

2. Traps - It's always good to have traps handy as you never know when a random wolf/boar or even a bear will suddenly be in your path. I always made sure I had a few spike traps, and placed 2 down when I first arrived at new places. When you arrive at a new location, walk off the dock into the main area and place 2 traps just a little bit in from where you first start, this way if a wolf happens to chase you, you can lure it into one of the traps. You can also pick up the traps that you don't end up using.😊

Later on in the game snakes will start appearing, you can also lure enemies over to the snakes to help. But make sure you don't run over the snake yourself as you don't want to be poisoned.

3. Upgrade Clothes - Upgrading your clothing when ever possible is recommended. As you progress through the game your character can get colder a lot quicker and you don't want to be dying from the cold. Make sure you stock up on rabbit hide to make leather kits towards making clothing.

4. Upgrade and Keep your Raft above 60% - I would recommend keeping your raft health above 60% as there are some parts where the rapids will purposely wreck your raft and without it being at a decent health, you won't survive to see another day. Upgrading the raft quicker will also make it easier for you during the game as it will give you a place you can cook, somewhere to sleep and take shelter from the rain and a good source of water 😊

Remembering these 4 main tips will help your game immensely.
Good luck in your adventure traveler 😊

What is a Limited Series??

I have recently been seeing a lot of "limited series" being advertised about on Netflix and other streaming sites. One of these series is called Maniac.

Maniac stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill which according to IMDb it has a rating of 8.3 out of 10. It is a dark comedy and looking at the trailer it looks rather interesting. 

This will probably something I will watch later where I can put my full attention to (and may even post on the blog about it also.). 

It made me think, "What is a limited series?". So... I googled it.

According to Wikipedia...

Limited series may refer to:
• Individual story lines within an anthology series are often called limited series
• Limited series (comics), a comics series with a predetermined number of issues
• A particular run of collectibles, usually individually numbered

• The Limited Series (1998 album), a box set by Garth Brooks
• The Limited Series (2005 album), an unrelated box set by Garth Brooks
• A television show with a predetermined number of episodes telling a complete story arc, usually longer than a miniseries

So basically, it's a TV series with a certain number of episodes that has a closed ending. According to Prime time Emmy Awards a limited series consists of two or more episodes with a total running time of at least 150 minutes. The program must tell a complete, non-recurring story, and not have an ongoing story line or main characters in subsequent season.

Some limited series (also known as mini-series) are as follows:
• The Honorable Woman
• The Pacific
• Dead Set
• Roots
• The Looming Tower
• Band of Brothers
If any of you geeks have watched any of these, let us know in comments below if we should watch them (but please.... no spoilers!)

Steam Levels - Are they worth it?

So....my last post was about the program Steam on the PC, on this post I'm going to go into a little more depth in regards to one aspect of Steam. 

Steam Levels

So... what are steam levels? Steam levels are basically numbers that are displayed beside people's usernames on their profile. They are gained by users creating badges from cards which they collect from playing games or doing events. Users can also trade cards or give cards to others. 

The more badges someone has the higher the level their account is.

The main question is.... are they worth it??

Honestly, you don't gain anything from levels. You can sink a lot of money buying cards just to display a higher number next to your name. So, unless you have spare money to waste, they aren't really worth bothering with. I keep trying to tell myself this exact thing, but I'm one of those types who wants to get all the achievements... so... I want to get all the cards to get all the badges I can.

Maybe one day I will have them all..

What is Steam?

So...as many of you probably know if you read my intro, I'm a gamer. But one specific type of gamer. A PC gamer. I play games on the PC only because it's the platform I feel most comfortable playing on. I grew up with PCs since I was 7 maybe 8 years old and never really had a console till I was in my late teens (but rarely played it, just the odd time splitters 2 with friends when they came to visit or the odd platformer that feels better with controller than on the PC like Spyro or Crash Bandicoot).

But just like consoles, there are also multiple platforms on the PC to play on, like Battle.net, Origin, U-play, Epic Store and steam. 

In this post, I'm going to talk to you about the platform Steam. So.... What is steam?

Steam is a program (or launcher as some people call it) on the PC that came out around 2003 where you can buy games digitally to save into your game library. You can then download and play the games from you library from pretty much anywhere. Most games you can play offline once its downloaded and the best thing of all. The game is pretty much in your library forever (unless something really wrong happens and the game has to be removed because it's breaking some sort of law). There is also a chance to be able to refund the game if you don't like the game, but it has to be less than an hour and half played and bought within a certain time period.

Steam was created by Valve the same people who made the Half life series and I've been using the program for about 11 years now. It's a great platform to get games to play (there are always sales on steam) and a good communication platform too in regards to making new friends, joining groups with the same interest and even watching people live streaming and chatting to new people.

If you're ever interested in playing games on PC, steam is a must have program! Maybe we can even game together sometime!

Until the next post, take care geeks!

Harley Quinn & Joker make me cringe

With birds of prey movie recently released and suicide squad movie back in 2016, there has been a huge uprising on Harley Quinn and Joker relationship memes and people wanting a relationship just like theirs.... if you're one of them reading this right now.... wake up sunshine because it's not all rainbows and happiness as the Hollywood movies have made it out to be.

I'm not a huge comic book reader (mainly because I just don't have the time or money to invest into comics), but the one thing I do know about the DC comics is the relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker. And it's not a happy one.

The Suicide Squad movie portrayed the relationship like it was all lovey dovey (if you could call it that) and that Joker would do anything for Harley... well... that's completely wrong. In the comics, Joker is very abusive to Harley and would drop her in a heart beat to save his own ass if they got into a bad situation.

He beats the crap out of her, chokes her, leaves her in a dungeon (where he even admits there have been other Harleys and she won't be the last), shots her and just treats her like utter crap.

There is even one point where Harley Quinn actually snaps from the abuse, beats him the hell up instead and leaves him. Which also leads to Harley Quinn becoming very "close" friends with Poison Ivy, which I definitely ship!

Knowing all this and this and seeing people post about how they want a Harley Quinn relationship just leaves me thinking, "So you want an abusive relationship... good luck with that." Knowing all this... would you want to have their relationship?? Because I know I don't.

If you want to see what it's really like for Harley Quinn with Joker... you should definitely check out the new Harley Quinn animated series (please note that it's violent with a lot of swearing and offensive things, not suitable for children).

That's enough with my rant on this topic, I'll catch you geeks on the next blog post!

Who is Lottie?


This is my first time writing in a blog so forgive me if I tend to ramble.

A bit about my past:

My name is Lottie and I was born in Montana but I grew up in Kansas and lived there for about 12 years. I remember the day I saw the new house we'd be living in when I was 4 years old and the day everything changed in my life after I turned 16.

For a while, life was pretty swell. I had tons of friends and I clicked with a few groups in high school but it was mostly the geeks, artists, and weirdies that I hung with. I'd like to say I was very well loved in school. Up until I wasn't, that is. Or at least I thought. I'm sure it was mostly my anxieties that led me into a downward spiral but there are always those people in our lives that we point fingers at and blame in the back of our minds.

Although things have been tough, I've learned over the years to just forgive and move on. You've probably heard something like that before. Forgive and forget. Not necessarily for the person that wronged you but for yourself specifically. 

Now to the things that bring me joy. Enough of that serious talk!

* I like to collect things! *
I have a few collections of bones and skulls. Might be a little creepy to some people but I've always been fascinated! I also tend to keep roses and let them wilt and dry. I may hang them or just keep them on my shelf. I have a nice collection of glass bottles as well. I started collecting those because the bottles remind me of Alice in Wonderland. I also collect old antique books and books that look magical to my eye as well as a slew of incense. I tend to surround my space with these things!

* My hobbies! *
Obviously, first and foremost I love to play video games! I also love to go on walks and enjoy the outdoors. I love to write as well! I haven't written much lately, though. I think I may try poem writing again! Something you may see on the blog at some point! I really enjoy drawing even though I'm not that good. I want to try drawing digitally on a tablet at some point. We'll see how that goes.

*My cats!*
Yes, my cats. I have much love for these fluffy miracles. I will most likely have a post introducing them down the road so don't you worry!

I think that may be all for now. If I have more to say later, well that's just something more to look forward to!

Who Is Jen?

Hey Geeks!

So you've probably stumbled on this post because you want to know more about me?
Well..... Where to start.....

My name is Jen and I was born in the 80s and was raised in the UK around the London area. My mother is from Malaysia, hence why I have a slight Asian appearance and my dad is from the UK also. 

I consider myself as an average person, nothing special. I grew up playing PC games from the age of 8 and don't really have much to really say about my childhood that is really worth sharing.
I was bullied by some, but also had great friends. Had my ups and downs like a normal teenager and came out the other side with a few Cs and a B from studies and started working from the age of 19.

I don't want to bore you into too much detail as there really isn't anything exciting to say in regards to my work life. I dabbled in retail, guest services, postal services, accounting to the point I'm now just a part time office manager of a really nice small team. I sometimes stream on Twitch after work or on weekend as I enjoy the interaction with the chat and I actually get bored of some games on my own now, so streaming a game for company helps me enjoy the game more than I would playing solo.

In regards to my hobbies and things I like. It's a pretty small/simple list.

I love playing games, mainly first person shooters with zombies over anything else.
I love to swim that I try to go swimming twice a week at the local gym.
I love horror films that I even watch them on my own once in a while if I have to.
I enjoy a good hot drink in the evenings, like a chamomile tea or a hot chocolate while watching a movie.
I love cuddles and would prefer a night in with a movie and cuddles over going out getting drunk out in a nightclub.

Last but not least about this post about me... some strange facts about me... well.. some of the people I've shared this with have said these are strange, but I'm sure there are many of you geeks online who probably think this is not strange or common or even normal by your standards. So... here we go...

I have an issue with my nose... As in I can't smell certain smells like gas. I can smell sweet smells like Vanilla, but can't well certain stenches that make people sick. I didn't know about this until a sewage pipe broke at one of my old work places. People were being sent home being sick and I didn't smell anything and was happily sitting at my desk eating my sandwich. There are times I can smell something for a few seconds and then it disappears.

I have wide-ish feet. As in my toes are not close together touching that it used to creep my mother out 😂 I mean there's nothing really wrong with my feet apart from gaps between my toes instead of them being close together like a normal person.

I can't really think of any other strange facts to share right now. So.. I guess that's all there really is to say for now. 

(Apologies for any typos/grammar problems. It's something I need to work on!)